Going to be away

Sorry, I guess I should have told you guys earlier. I won’t be updating pages or doing pretty much anything new to this blog/website for a while. Reason is that school and other things have currently been taking over my life. But as soon as things clear up I should be I finishing things up more quickly. Thanks.

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Hi and welcome to iBudgie, your ultimate budgie site! This site will soon have everything you need to know about budgies, the little birdy clowns! Budgies have been around us for many years, and its time you get a little more into the keeping and caring of our feathered pets. I believe that you will find them quite intresting! Remember, this site is currently under construction, so don’t mind the un-finished pages! Well, all the pages here are un-finished, and there are a lot of new pages soon to come! Enjoy!

For you to know any budgie-related questions that you may have please post them on the comments page, which doubles as a questions page, thank you!


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